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USA – Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew, July 18, 2022

Many thanks to those that donate food to help support those

in need through Harvest Vision in Curlew, WA.

Thanks to brother Caleb.

He woke up at 4 am to drive with me the 500-mile roundtrip

to visit, and deliver food.

To encourage and be encouraged by Pr. John Seaman and his family.

One of the most beautiful and scenic drives

that the Lord has given to us

is across the pass on Highway 20.

It was Caleb’s first time,

and it is always a blessing to witness

John’s faithfulness to the vision that God has entrusted to John and his wife, Lena.

We also were able to bring

two more kittens

that will soon be blessed to live with some new believers on this side of the mountains.

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