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USA – Harvest Kids with CEF, April 8, 2023

Many thanks to all our “older” Harvest Kids that came to encourage and share the love of Jesus with these young disciples. It was a little windy out, so we opted out of crushing the few cans that we have left after we recycled 556 lbs of them over a week ago. That $195 was sent to Africa to support orphans in the Comfort Africa ministry and then we sent $1,500 that the kids have collected to help pay for the sealing and painting for the Harvest Doves primary school they are building in Uganda for the 250 students that are attending since they started the project two years ago. They collected $329 today and that leaves only $419 that needs to be collected. We give God the glory and thank all the friends that partner to help these young people complete their vision,

After Mama Odette led us in some praise and worship songs, the kids were told about the difference between man’s traditions and God’s truths found in the Bible. Everyone was able to open a plastic egg that had a statement that the reader had to identify as “truth” or “false”. A great exercise and also helpful for the younger kids that are just learning to read. The lesson for today was the story of Lazarus and throughout the telling, the kids were challenged to identify the places when the important message was “Jesus is life” or “Jesus is hope”. The conclusion was the opportunity for everyone to commit or recommit their life to Jesus Christ. The scripture memorization was “Whoever believes in Me, though he die, yet shall live.” (John 11:35) Even though Mama Linda was on mission in Mexico, Papa Isaac made sure we had another great lunch. Although it was cold outside, many of the kids went out to pet the pigs, play in the goat “Disneyland” and check on the bunny rabbits. Bubbles the rabbit is getting ready to have babies and has already began to fill her nest with her own hair she pulls out of her lower side., Hopefully, as the weather improves the kids will be able to help the potting in the greenhouse and the planting of the crops in the garden.

The Harvest Kids meet the 2nd & 4th Saturdays from 11am-1:30pm. We are working to ensure that we have someone available at the Fellowship center during the weekdays so we can accommodate anyone that wants to stop visit, share, pray or otherwise fellowship.

At the present time, we are usually around but if you want to stop in and know for sure that someone is here first, please call 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812. We have a great playground, picnic area and some sweet friends in the petting zoo. Feel free to call us if you have a family activity that might be blessed by having a safe, non-threatening, alcohol and drug-free environment to rest in.

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