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USA – Harvest Kids thank you, March 29, 2021

Last year our coordinators in Africa were not allowed to do outdoor crusades because of the restrictions made because of the pandemic. They immediately began to focus their resources on door-to-door or hut-to-hut evangelism, depending on the regions or countries, and we began to witness an incredible harvest of souls. Many witch doctors and their followers, as well as many from the Muslim faith. We were able to help construct a larger building to accommodate the new believers in Kayunga in central Uganda That left the older building and the pastor stepped into his vision to start a primary school for these vulnerable children. Many from the Muslim faith testified that because they witnessed how much their Christian neighbors cared about the children they would allow their children to attend.

In the fall of last year, the Harvest Kids were able to harvest sweet corn one the local farmers had planted for them and raised over $3,000 to refurbish the mud-brick church building that the government would allow them to use for school this year on condition they build a stronger facility by the end of the year. The Harvest Kids have been raising money for the new classrooms, but Pr. Martin, the director of Harvest Vision in central Africa, contacted us last week and asked the kids if they could donate the money needed to purchase textbooks for the school in time for the teachers to be prepared for the start of school in June. The cost is $800 USD (2,880,000 Uganda Schillings). A couple of the friends of the Harvest Kids, had their family members donate some coins and on Saturday the kids filled up the bullet (their collection container) to over-flowing and it weighed in at 50 pounds. We finished rolling and counting it this morning and it totaled $550, which they added to the amount they had already collected and we are wiring the $800 to Africa this week. Thanks to everyone that prays and helps these young people become true disciples of Jesus Christ that are willing to consider others even more than themselves. Born again from “taking and getting” to “loving and giving”.

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