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USA – Harvest Kids – September 26, 2020

Teaching young people to be givers instead of takers

What a blessing to have the rain and the wind stop so the Harvest Kids could crush some of the many cans that our friends have donated to help these young people help vulnerable and less fortunate children in Africa. Afterwards, we shared the news that we had sold over 6,000 ears of sweet corn and along with the money raised from the Fellowship Ministries garage sale and a donation from a friend in Tennessee, there is enough money to purchase the property for the new primary school they are helping build in Africa and to begin construction. They have $3,250 and are hoping to help with the $4,200 remaining to finish the school. Today they started filling the bullet and will not count it until it is full.

A big bullet but they know they serve a big God.

Last Harvest Kids, two pumpkins were chosen to be used to make pumpkin pies and pumpkin bread and the kids guessed how many would come out of each pumpkin and then they guessed how many total pumpkin seeds were in both. The answer – 8 pies and out of the other 23 loaves of pumpkin bread and a total of 783 seeds. Thanks to Gary for making the pumpkin bread and Linda for making the pies.

We had a great gluten-free lunch and celebrated the September birthdays. We talked about how important it is that we share about Jesus with all of our family and friends and let them know we love them and Jesus does too.

We talked about how the seed of faith that God puts in our heart when we repent and receive His forgiveness is always working to bring others to God’s love and eternal life. A great time of faith, fun and fellowship as we left pondering this question knowing that we counted 783 seeds in those two small pumpkins. How many pumpkins are in one seed?

Each family was blessed with pie and bread to take home. We are thankful that some of the kids are also filling up shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas ministry.

Please let us know if you would like to help.

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