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USA – Harvest Kids prep day, July 10, 2020

The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare.” — Thane Yost

It is always an adventure when we have the privilege to bring the girls from Granite Falls to Sedro Woolley to get ready for the Harvest Kids fellowship on Saturday morning.

We were blessed to take them to Cheryl’s home to check on the Garden of Eden farming ministry and the kids were able to help Grandma Linda pick cherries while Grandpa George and Cheryl moved the ”burn pile” that was in the middle of the field to make room for the volleyball net that will be put up for the families and kids that come to visit the next day.

Somehow the girls discovered some nail polish that Cheryl had in her shop.

Because of Cheryl’s generosity the girls were now “equipped” to start a little business of their own.

After painting their own nails in the evening, they took the initiative to continue the “business” after Harvest Kids the following day.

They convinced Grandpa, Grandma and Dale they also needed a “makeover”.

Lots of fun.

Two great evenings of fellowship with Clara playing the keyboard and teaching Rocket how to pray.

The kids prepared French toast and pink and purple pancakes for breakfast.

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