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USA – Harvest Kids, July 2, 2022

Another exciting day with these young people at Harvest Kids and always a blessing.

Thank you to everyone

that allows your children to participate

and to everyone that donates

cans and coins to help these kids.

Thru this, they make a difference in the lives of

their orphaned and vulnerable

brothers and sisters in central Africa.

They counted $154 to bring their total to $4,434.

This leaves only $1,366 to finish the money needed

for the foundation and bricks for the new classrooms

they are building for the

Harvest Doves primary school in Uganda.

Today was an awesome day of painting signs and decorating

the Harvest Kids float for the Sedro Woolley Loggerodeo parade in Sedro Woolley on July 4th.

Harvest Kids have only missed one parade since beginning Harvest Kids 9 years ago.

They will be meeting at the Harvest Home on Monday from 9:30-10 am.

Then we will go find our spot for the parade that starts in downtown Sedro Woolley at 11 am.

They will be handing out candy,

flyers for Child’s Evangelism Fellowship 5-day clubs scheduled for Skagit County on July 11-15,

and handmade beaded crosses that our brothers and sisters

from the Sedro Woolley Community Church donated.

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