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USA – Harvest Kids, July 09, 2022

Another beautiful day that the Lord provided us for our weekly Harvest Kids.

Thanks again

to everyone

that donated



and came to support these young believers

as the

Holy Spirit

teaches them

to become

true disciples


Jesus Christ.

Of course, Miss Ruby

brought two small kittens.

The kittens immediately became the

focus of the kids’ and the adults’ attention.

A beautiful thing to watch

God’s creatures

just bring a calming spirit into the fellowship.

After we got all the cans crushed,

we counted $152 that had been donated

to finish the classrooms

at the primary school in Africa.

That leaves $1,214

finishing up their goal to complete

the foundation and get the bricks

for two more classrooms.

We enjoyed singing praises as Odette led us with songs using her guitar.

Mama Linda played “We are in the Lord’s Army” and “The Last One Chosen.”

We shared the scripture

from James 2,

reminding us

to not show favoritism

by just hanging out

with people that like

what we like to do


possibly make them feel

“less than”.

There are always

opportunities to share how

God’s Word

helps us to reflect

the love of Jesus to others.

After lunch,

Zoenicole gave us a lesson using puppets.

She shared with us about patience and why it is one of the gifts of the Spirit.

It is always important to ask for patience

because in our flesh our natural tendency is to

“Want it and want it now”.

While the kids were playing basketball, picking and eating raspberries and strawberries,

and playing with the cats, kittens, and rabbits,

we were blessed with a visit from families that belong to a church fellowship

that had come to do door-to-door ministry in our neighborhood.

What a wonderful encouragement

and example for all of us

of sharing our faith with others in our neighborhoods and communities.

We are looking forward to joining everyone at the

Child’s Evangelism Fellowship 5-day club

July 11-15, Mon-Fri,

at the

Garden of Eden family ministry


14700 Avon Allen Rd

west Mt. Vernon, WA

from 12:30-2 pm.

We are hoping to make many new friends.

And by the way – there is a petting zoo there.

We are also having a garage and produce sale

to support the ministry in Africa,

including the Harvest Kids school project.

For information call George at 360-421-8811 or Linda at 360-421-8812.

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