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USA – Harvest Kids, Jan 8, 2022

Thanks to everyone that donates the aluminum cans the Harvest Kids recycle to help vulnerable children in Africa. These young people started a big project just a short while ago to get 40 desks for the primary school they helped build in Africa last year. They have been counting their change and doing what the Lord called them to do.

One of the important scriptures we share with everyone is the words of Paul to young Timothy:

Their dedication and compassion influenced many other donors to help out and by last week their inspiration and example had brought in all the necessary money ($1,120) and it has been wired to Africa. Praise God. We were able to see the photos of some of the students, the school and an example of the desks that will sit 3 students each.

Many thanks to all the adults that came and helped out.

We were blessed to have Odette bring her guitar and lead us song and Linda helped us learn the signs for the Jesus Loves Me song, before serving us a “typical” Africa lunch. Sitting on the floor with no utensils.

Thanks to Dale and Ed for helping the kids with the parachute before Lynn started the lesson she had prepared for us.

We learned lot’s of stories, verses and songs about how Jesus brings light into our lives. Lynn shared with us the story of the birth of Jesus and how He was the light to so many, sharing His love with hurt and broken people and healing the sick. But most importantly, His suffering and death on the cross which redeemed us and saved us from the darkness of our sin.

It was a fascinating time as she told us about stars, stables, shepherds, storms, ships and salvation.

We are thankful that the Holy Spirit has put on our hearts to be doing Harvest Kids every Saturday instead of twice a month to ensure as many young people as possible can participate.

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