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USA – Harvest Kids, Jan 29, 2022

Team = Together Everyone Achieves More

That was part of our teaching at

Harvest Kids

today as we talked about the meaning of Romans 12:18:

It is a blessing to witness these young disciples as they

learn to reverence God and respect one another.

Another incredible day of

crushing cans,

singing praises to God,

praying together,


counting the change

that will be used to purchase the property needed to expand

the primary school in Uganda.

They now have $421 toward the $2,000 needed.

Everything is done to teach them the importance of considering others,

whether in play or working on a craft.

The kids burned off a little energy with the parachute before coming in for lunch

and celebrating this month’s birthdays.

The kids that didn’t get to make candles last week were able to make them

and everyone got to make a badge and color.

A beautiful day allowed the kids to

play golf,

do some hot wheels racing,

dribble the basketball

and try their skills on the balance beam.

We were blessed to have our neighbor ride up on her horse

and share her story with us.

After getting a gift from the treasure box,

some of the kids visited the Garden of Eden playground

and petting zoo in Mt. Vernon before going home.

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