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USA – Harvest Kids, Jan 15, 2022

We are sorry that some of the kids weren’t able to come today.

This was our first meeting on the 3rd Saturday.

For over 8 years we met only on the 2nd & 4th and now we are meeting every Saturday.

Awesome morning! After the kids said Hi! to Dove, the Harvest Kids rabbit, they crushed cans and then decided to do some arm wrestling before counting the change that had been donated.

The kids counted $62 toward the purchase of fruit trees for the orchard at the Garden of Eden in Mt. Vernon. The fruit from these trees will be used to get donations to help the kids in Africa.

Their next project is to purchase a piece of farmland next to the primary school in Africa so the kids can learn to farm and raise crops for their own food and school expenses.

Thanks to Odette and Dee we learned some new songs and how to “sign” them.

We played the M&M game; each person picks a random M&M and shares something about the emotion they chose for that color. A fun and a wonderful way to get to know each other. The day was filled with activities that allowed everyone to be talking about how Jesus loves us and the many ways in which He shows us that every day.

Whether coloring, reading God’s Word, praying or using playdough, wires and batteries to make the different colored lights shine – all became opportunities to share about Jesus.

After some hot wheels racing and golf, the kids made it out to the Garden of Eden playground and petting zoo to visit with their friends.

Thanks to these bigger Harvest Kids that come and share they time and love for Jesus with these young disciples and for those that pray and bring their change and aluminum cans to support them.

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