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USA – Harvest Kids & Hope on the Streets, January 1, 2022

We were hoping for a break in the weather, but the snow and cold have persisted.

This was our first meeting of Harvest Kids in 2022 and our first meeting of having the Harvest Kids every Saturday instead of the 2nd & 4th Saturday.

We know it is unlikely that many of our kids don’t have other activities on Saturdays, so we are hoping this new schedule will allow the kids more opportunities to participate.

Miss Clara came and represented all the kids very well and were later joined by Zhanna, Asher and Tristan. Because of the cold weather, Dove, the Harvest Kids rabbit, was in the Harvest Home for the kids to pet, along with Wayne’s dog, Walker.

Dale and Clara crushed the cans on the only open bare spot on the concrete and then went inside and started counting the change that had been donated to purchase the 40 desks, that seat 3 students each, for the Harvest Doves primary school the kids and their donors built last year in Kayunga, Uganda. The school opens Jan 7th and we are excited that some of the Muslim families in the community have chosen to have their children attend. The kids had received enough at the December HK to purchase 2 desk. Thanks to some other donors and those that donated for the hazel nuts that the kids have for donations, we wired $625 to Africa because they want to get all the desks possible before they open the school. Another $230 today and they only need $265 to finish all 40. It was nice to not be rushed so Wayne and Dale could teach Clara some math and she also helped roll all the coins, which we normally do later after Harvest Kids.

Wayne used a home-made scale shaped like a cross to show that some 1982 US pennies weigh more than others, although they all look the same. In that year, some were minted copper coated zinc coins and others pure copper. The copper ones weighed more. He used that analogy to talk about the difference that happens inside our hearts when we accept Jesus and that on God’s scale He knows who they are.

Afterwards, Clara packaged cookies up to be given out later in the afternoon when we meet with Cheryl and Makenzy to help with the Hope on the Streets ministry that visits, prays and help some of our friends in Mt. Vernon that live on the streets. It was a blessing to have Zhanna, Asher and Tristan join us while we prepared for our trip to Mt. Vernon for Hope on the Streets.

Clara enjoyed her part as being the hot chocolate maker for everyone. We are hoping to do this more often.

Looking forward to next Saturday, Jan 8th, when Lynn Griffin comes to share with all of us.

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