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USA – Harvest Kids, Feb 23, 2023

We were sad that some of the families had kids that were sick at home but we are grateful they are being cared for and we were able to pray for them. A beautiful day to crush cans and celebrate the news that we had just taken 560# of crushed cans to the recycle and got $196 to help meet the needs of orphans through the Comfort Africa ministry the kids support. We are thankful for the farmer that donated the cows and had the meat made into hamburger that is being used for donations to help the kids get the money needed for the school they are finishing in Kayunga, Uganda. We shared a video of the opening of the school for this term and the school has grown from 30 to 250 and we are grateful that many of the children are from Muslim families. That hamburger is available at a suggested donation of $5/lb to help the kids here help the kids in Africa. The kids were able to add another $476 that brings their total back to $947 toward the $2,248 needed for the sealing and painting.

We are grateful to Mama Odette who leads the kids in praise and songs and for Mama Linda who provides the lunch and some treats to celebrate everyone here and in Africa that have a birthday in February. We always remind our local kids that many people in Africa don’t celebrate birthdays because they don’t track days like we do here in America. Thanks to Isaac for preparing and sharing a message about the parable of the sower of seeds that Jesus told the people. It is very fitting because the kids will be helping plant seeds for the garden soon. His emphasis was on reading and using God’s Word to ensure our “soil” is always prepared for the seeds and the harvest.

Brother Ed was helpful in over-seeing the water relay with the kids, then Mama Linda helped the kids make up some care bags for people to take with them to give to our friends that live on the streets in our local communities. The bags also included gospel tracts and some nice cards that the kids made to let our friends know how much God and us love them. And, finally, we were able to replace the gumballs in the Harvest Kids gumball machine with some that are a little fresher and softer. Thanks to everyone that prays and supports the adults and these young people that are being taught to obey what Jesus has commanded all of us that are learning to be true disciples. You are welcome to come on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month from 11am-1pm. You are also welcome to come anytime. It is better, if possible, to call so we can ensure someone is available at the fellowship center and garden. 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812.

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