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USA – Harvest Kids, CEF, Friends on the Streets, January 14, 2023

Many thanks to Jeanette and Connie from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship that came to share with all of us Harvest Kids, both young and old. They are truly a blessing and their message always encourages us in our journey of faith. Their message today was on prayer as simply and powerfully as it can be taught from 1 Thessalonians 5:17 – “Pray continually”. After sharing their message, Mama Linda had prepared an “African” lunch and it was a blessing to have Catherine from Kenya here to sit with the kids during the meal. After crushing some of the cans that have been collected, the kids counted the money that had been donated to help finish the classrooms they are building for the Harvest Doves primary school in Uganda. They had already sent $1,000 and now have $193 dollars, still trusting God for the remaining ~$1,100 needed to finish the painting and sealing. Afterwards, the kids and everyone helped make up bags of toiletries, to go along with the backpacks, blankets, clothing and items to take to our friends that live on the streets of Mount Vernon. That included hot chocolate and coffee, the right hand of fellowship given with the love of Jesus and prayer. What a beautiful day to be the hands and feet of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit and representing the Father’s heart for all His Children, old and young alike.

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