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USA – Harvest Kids at Leader Lake, May 27-29, 2023

Today was a special day.

Four of the kids

(all young women from 12-14)

were loaded up to spend the remainder of the

Memorial Day weekend

with the

Lyman church family

at their annual campout

at Leader Lake

in eastern Washington.

Another one of the Harvest Kids had already gone over on Friday with her dad and we were looking forward to joining her there

Two of the girls had never been to Leader Lake so that just made it more special for everyone that had come for the weekend.

Many thanks to our friend, Dave, who installed the hitch and the wiring on Linda’s Honda so we could use it to take the trailer.

As usual, Jim and Teri welcomed all of us with open arms and gave the kids the rundown on what they needed to be careful of while they were at the lake.

Obviously, the reality of rattlesnakes and other critters that might be seen around would keep them up if they heard even the slightest noise.

The campfire fellowship (with smores) and the Sunday church family praise, worship and sharing of God’s Word was very timely as Jim shared about the importance of Christian fellowship throughout our journey of faith.

The kids got to kayak, fish, swim and play water volleyball, and there was always a soccer ball to kick around.

We were very blessed that Linda filled up the whole trailer with food and snacks before we left because these young people are in constant need of fuel.

They got to see the turtles that were around and came to the shore to lay their eggs. They also got to see an eagle swoop down and catch a fish.

We had a little downpour as we were approaching the campground and some light rain during the first night, but it quickly ended up being bright, sunny, and a little too warm for some of the light-hearted and light-skinned.

We were able to share some testimonies, pray and just enjoy the peace, calm and joy of God’s incredible creation that He had provided for us.

We thank the church family that shares their burdens and cares for one another and appreciate Jim and Teri’s desire to make everyone know they are valued and loved.

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