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USA – Harvest Home Fellowship, Nov 29, 2019

What a wonderful day of Thanksgiving at the Harvest Home as we began work to prepare for the Christmas parade that will be next Saturday, Dec 7th, at 4pm in Sedro Woolley. Olivia, the co-director of Harvest Vision in Mexico, and Veronica began designing and sewing costumes and Linda ordered some items that will be used to present the story of Jesus from birth to death to resurrection. John Seaman, who founded Kellilynn’s Spiritual Recovery Center, in Curlew, WA joined with us as well as other friends. We will be gathering for prayer at the Harvest Home every morning from 9-10am starting Monday, Dec 2, through Dec 7, the day of the parade. “Lord Jesus, we pray that You will prepare the hearts of Your people that will gather in our community for the Sedro Woolley Christmas parade. We ask You to forgive us for putting more emphasis on our worldly blessings and not giving You the honor that You deserve. In Jesus Name, Amen.”

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