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USA – CEF 5-day club, garage sale & projects, July 13, 2022

Our first day of Child’s Evangelism 5-day club on Monday

at the Garden of Eden family ministry was fun and faith-packed day.

We were blessed with Angela and 4 teens from the Christian Youth In Action training that is put on by CEF. They are from Whatcom County and have been such a blessing.

It is an interactive, Bible-based presentation of the gospel with wonderful lessons, singing, scripture, missions, and games. and equip them to complete the work they have been called to do.

Linda moved the Harvest Kids rabbits (Dove & Bubbles) out to their new home at the petting zoo. Then with some very special servants that donated their time and energy, they started setting up for the Tue-Sat garage sale that will run through the month of July.

Afterward, Clara and Joseph gave a hand with the project that Caleb is working on.

The second day was really special and ended up with the local kids introducing the CEF team to the animals in the petting zoo.

The CEF team was again a blessing to us all and afterward,

Joseph decided he needed to help Caleb again before he left for home.

We have only two days left,

and we are really going to miss these young people from Whatcom County.

That will only be until they begin to use their love for Jesus and ministry to come up with some creative ideas in which the Garden of Eden family ministry might be able to help them as they seek God’s guidance, individually and corporately.

That also applies to the many people that are coming to the garage and produce sale.

They are becoming acquainted with the ministry


how it can be used to prepare and equip them to complete the work they have been called to do.

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