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USA – Blessing our co-laborers in Curlew & Chewelah, July 19, 2021

We are so thankful for our co-laborers in the Curlew/Republic communities and Chewelah/Colville communities in north Washington that are supporting local ministries that are working to reach the broken-hearted and crushed in spirit in these communities.

Recently, the freezer that John and Lena use to store food quit working and we were blessed to provide a new one to keep the ministry going forward. John and Lena coordinate Harvest Vision Fellowship Curlew and Jarett and Brianna coordinate Harvest Vision Blue Creek in the Chewelah/Colville communities.

Thanks to those that donated the food and clothes that we were able to take over to support local ministry leaders in those communities. Thanks to our co-laborers who loaned the truck and the trailer, helped load and for Noe dedicating the day to driving over.

We left at 5am and drove to Newhalem before finding out the fires had closed the pass, so we had to divert to go through Wenatchee. That made the driving a total of 16 hours and allowed us only 2 hours to unload and visit with John and Lena.

This was Noe’s first visit and we were able to see the farm and slaughterhouse that John and Lena will be over-seeing.

We also chatted with Jarett and were informed they will possibly get the loan approval this week to purchase the property to start their new coffee house ministry in downtown Colville.

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