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USA – Advancing the gospel, September 29, 2021

We are blessed every day and night to receive testimonies from our coordinators that we pray for and support in



South Sudan


the DRCongo

El Salvador



as well as locally

“We have been blessed to start 4 church fellowships in the mostly Muslim communities in Marsabit, northern Kenya. It is a long distance for us to travel and we are praying we can find another coordinator for this area.”

Pastor Simon who serves the north border of Kenya across Ethiopia and part of South Sudan

Pastor Martin, the director of Harvest Vision in Central Africa, just commented on a testimony with a couple of photos that he received and forwarded to us today.

“On Sunday we baptized eighteen new believers out of the thirty-two who got saved.”

Pastor Charles, who coordinates ministry in central Uganda

Pastor Martin commented: “Kayunga team reaching out winning souls and baptizing in the lockdown. Nobody can stop the gospel. Praise the Lord.”

Pr Martin, Director of HVM Africa

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