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The World– Three sisters testimonies, January 4, 2023

We are thankful for the prayers of all the saints and the many miracles of divine intervention that we have witnessed over the years. We have been in prayer for three of our longtime sisters that have had significant roles in the over-all ministry of Harvest Vision and would like to share the testimonies as of today.

Martha Castillo who has been instrumental in much of our ministry to families in apartment complexes, migrant camps and recently to prepare herself for her upcoming ministry to children in Africa has had some problems with her heart that required surgery today. It went well and she is expected home tomorrow. She will recoup and then be back to finish earning the money needed to finish the orphanage in Africa before she goes there herself to do the ministry the Lord has called her to do.

Olivia, who along with her husband, Miguel, coordinate Harvest Vision in Mexico was diagnosed with a tumor in her abdomen months ago and finally received the biopsy results today. No cancer and she will be meeting with the surgeon on Friday to determine the forward plan to remove the tumor. Olivia has been involved with many people from Washington through the mission trips to Mexico and has been in Washington with family and friends many times over the years to support local ministry in our community.

Cecilia, who has been our co-laborer on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico/Arizona was diagnosed with cancer a year ago and has been taking a regimen of treatment including surgery, radiation and currently chemotherapy. She is seeing positive results and will finish the treatments until she in remission or the side effects become to severe. She is positive and filled with the joy and peace of the Lord which is the result of her love and faith in Jesus Christ since the time of her salvation years ago. We met and began doing ministry with her in Mexico and over the years on the Navajo Reservation and she has been a frequent guest here in Washington.

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