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The World – Saving souls, August 3, 2022


we had two missions in July,

*The first one was done

under Liberation Embassy City Church

under the leadership of Pr. Francis Oyet

on the 27th which was attended by about

100 people

where 15 people

got saved

and several testimonies of healing and deliverance

*And again on 29th -31st

we had a mission in

Gweng Diya

under Voice of salvation and Healing Church

which was attended by about

700 people

and 213 gave their lives to Christ

with several testimonies of

Healing and deliverance for the

glory of God.

Thanks. Pr. David.”

From Burundi,

Pr. Evariste shared

the testimony from the 50 believers

that visited 8 different locations for crusades in July

where they witnessed

1,097 new believers

come to faith in Christ Jesus

and are now being discipled by other believers

into a church family

so they can be taught to become true disciples

to bring the good news to those in

their families and communities.

Noe & Nancy Lara


who lives in Burlington, WA

and serves as the

Central American liaison

is visiting

Pr. Sergio

and a new church plant

that has been started in

Ciudad Arce,

outside of

Santa Ana in El Salvador.

He will then be visiting

family in Honduras

before he returns to the USA.

Sergio & Gloria of El Salvador

Sergio & Gloria of El Salvador

Here in NW Washington,

we are praying for all the sharing that different

church families and para-ministries are doing to reach

the lost, broken-hearted, and crushed in spirit

during this time of uncertainty in

our nation, state, and local communities.

Many people are seeking peace about what they should be

doing economically, health-wise, and especially

families who are concerned about the safety and education

of their children as the start of the school year

begins next month.

We are praying and looking forward to the

“Awake and Live”

community outreach that is planned for

Sunday, August 21,


1-6 pm

at the

Riverfront Park, 1001 River Rd. in Sedro Woolley.

We are hoping that many believers will invite their unsaved

family members, friends, and co-workers.

There will be fellowship, food, games for the kids, music,

and then the presentation of the gospel by local pastors

and the opportunity to accept Jesus and

find peace.

There will also be believers available to


with others for healing and deliverance

and to begin their fellowship with other Christians

in our community.

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