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The World – Everyone was filled with awe, February 15, 2023

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with ‘AWE’, and many wonders and miraculous signs were done by the apostles.”

Websters defines AWE as: A feeling of reverence and dread mingled with wonder.

Three weeks ago, we visited Isaac’s mother, Harriett, in the Skagit Valley Hospital. She has had severe problems with her colon for months, The prognosis from the doctors were that her colon was dead, the stints they had put in the arteries that fed the colon didn’t work and they were without any real alternatives except possibly remove it and come up with a way in which they could hook up a drain which would mean she would be with a colostomy (bag) the rest of her life. Her immediate reaction was to say no, which really troubled her son. After some thought, she condescended that she could endure that if it was God’s will, although any surgery would be iffy because of her heart problems. They were able to stop the pain in her abdomen and she was able to return to her trailer in Birdsview until a decision could be made. When she went in for her checkup, the doctors discovered that all her arteries had started working and her colon was being brought back to life. She shared that testimony when she attended church on Sunday.

Another sister, Cecilia, that lives on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico and has been involved with Harvest Vision for almost 20 years was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and has been battling that through treatment since the diagnosis. A few months ago, the cancer progressed to her chest and the cancer wrapped itself around the arteries to her heart. Since then, the prognosis has been inoperable and terminal. She was still undergoing treatment for the other cancer, but a few weeks ago informed us that the side effects were so painful she would be stopping the treatment and go home to be with the Lord. Linda was preparing to call her today so she could plan a visit with her on the way to her mission to Mexico. While I was driving to Granite Falls this morning, Linda called and said that Cecilia had called her. She said she was waiting for a ride to a prayer meeting because the doctors told her the MRI they took yesterday shows “NO CANCER”!

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