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Mexico – Prayers for Olivia in Mexico, April 30, 2023

Please join us in lifting Olivia and her family in San Luis, Mexico up in prayers. Miguel, Olivia, and their family are directors of the ministry in Mexico, and they have been involved with all three of their children in the ministry for years. When their children were young, they were all involved in translating for the various teams we began taking to Mexico in the first part of 2000. Javier is the youngest of the two boys and has three children. Javier was on a trip from Mexicali, about 40 miles from San Luis, with the mother of their baby, earlier today and they were involved in an accident. Javier died in a car accident. The mother and baby went to the hospital and the mother has been released, but the baby remains in the hospital for observation because there was a bump on the head. The family is now working to get Javier’s body returned to San Luis. We are thankful that we have had the opportunity to be involved in his life and know that he knew the Lord. It is a blessing to know where Javier is and we are grateful, but it leaves a real void in the lives of all his family and especially his children.

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