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Africa – Therefore go and make disciples – December 16, 2020

Even though there are always trials and tribulation, our co-laborers in the harvest fields of central Africa are faithful to obey Jesus command to “Go and make disciples”. As it should be, their understanding of the word “Go” is not a physical command – it is an attitude that establishes their lifestyle. My interpretation is: “Jesus died for me – I live for Him”. The Father simply invites everyone to “Come”. That is the “Come” just as you are come. Jesus simply paid the costs and is the Way to the Father. Even though we do not have the testimonies from all our coordinators for November, they have coordinated 20 crusades or door-to-door ministry outreaches that have witnessed 738 salvations and these new believers are now being taught to become disciples.

We also just received this testimony from Pastor Titus, one of the coordinators in east Uganda from an outreach this week.

“Yesterday, we shared the gospel in Syanyonja primary school where we ministered to 62 students and 3 teachers. The head teacher and all the students received the joy of salvation. The head teacher even went on to invite us next year when schools open to share the gospel again with all the students.


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