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Africa – The harvest fields of central Africa, Nov 26, 2021

It is a blessing to share that through our faithful co-laborers in Uganda, Kenya and Burundi they were able to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to 744 new souls in October.

Many are already baptized

and they are all being discipled

into local church families.

The harvest fields now have 744 more believers shining the light in their communities.

The violence in the DRCongo continues. Pr. Augustine and his team had to travel 195km (121 miles) from where they had gone for a mission. Along the way passing the bodies of many of the army that the rebels had killed.

The walk has damaged his feet and legs. We are grateful to be sending some money to him to get some medical help.

Pr. Simon, the coordinator who ministers in north Kenya and south Ethiopia has asked us for prayer as these areas are being hit by drought and famine and many of the children, as well as their families, are suffering.

Pr. Martin, our director that lives in Kampala, Uganda was informed his 22-year-old niece in Kenya went to be the Lord. Because she has no immediate family to help, Martin had to travel to Kenya and will be there through the week to take care of arrangements and minister to the family.

Please join with us to celebrate

these new believers


to pray and


these faithful servants that face trials

every day to reach those that are


broken hearted


crushed in their spirits

in their communities and beyond.

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