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Africa – Saturday’s harvest, Oct 22, 2022

Friday morning,

we contacted

Pr. Martin,

the director of Harvest Vision in central Africa,

only to find out they had

just gathered

150 evangelists

at the Kibuli church

in the Muslim ghetto

of Kampala

for overnight prayer.

They are 10 hours ahead of us, so it was their Friday night.

We were able to contact him later on their Saturday a little after noon for an update.

Because of the inflation and requirements for larger outdoor gatherings,

they had decided to come together every 1-2 months in Kampala

(over 4 million people)

and do massive door-to-door and street ministry.

The 150

went out door to door

that morning


gathered back

at the church building

with many of the


people that had accepted

Jesus that morning.

They had prepared a small meal for them.

Martin informed us

that they were breaking up into groups

to go out to the busy streets to begin street ministry

with the 11 portable loud speakers they had purchased for that purpose.

We are still waiting for the testimonies of their Saturday afternoon journey of faith.

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