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Africa – Salvations in the DRCongo, May 5, 2023

Pastor Augustine,

who coordinates

Harvest Vision


eastern DRCongo

sent this report

Evangelization for the month of April 2023.

On the 8th in the small market

the participants 349 people

those who received


45 people.

On the 15th in the market of Virunga, there was a large crowd of people who were selling.

We sent the evangelists to preaching in stalls and stores.

The participants were numerous and those who received


80 and more.

On the 22nd

in mourning for one of ours who had died,

the participants 80 people.

Those who received


8 people.

April 28 to 30 in the territory of Idjwi in the province of South Kivu.

The participants were 400.

Those who received


38 people

On the 23rd in the military camp,

those who received


22 people


when we were in the middle of evangelization the soldiers came and took the instruments from us forbidding us to preach in their camp

We begged them for two hours after they gave us these instruments after a lot of intervention

Glorified the lord for fighting for us.”

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