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Africa – Reaching the Rendile tribe in northern Kenya, May 5, 2023

Simon from Kenya

We had just posted the testimony of Pastor Augustine from the DRCongo and we received a call from Pastor Simon who has been on a mission to the Rendile tribe in Marsabit in northern Kenya.

He wanted to thank all the co-laborers from here in the USA that pray

and help provide the financial support for traveling 244 kilometers

to reach this remote destination.

They have been able to plant five church plants

to the people groups that live in this desert area.

He said he would be returning to his home and family this Sunday.

Prior to this mission, he spent two weeks across the border in Ethiopia

and showed the Jesus film and many people responded.

He is praying for the support needed to find another coordinator

that can help evangelize and support these new church plants

along the South Sudan and Ethiopia borders north of Kenya.

Many small isolated people groups scattered throughout these remote areas.

At the current time, we help the coordinator with some financial assistance

for outreaches ($150 USD/month)

and try to find a sustainability project to help meet

their family’s basic needs because of the time they are in the harvest fields.

We know

they would appreciate

any financial support

you might be able to give

If you would like to donate,

you can make donations online

under “Online Donations” on the menu

Or, mail a check to:

Harvest Vision Ministries 14799 Avon Allen Rd Mt Vernon, WA 98273

All donations are tax-deductible and help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and build His Kingdom

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