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Africa – Namaingo E Uganda May testimonies, May 31, 2023


A-From 3/5/2023 to 6/5/2023 we had house to house evangelism and conference in Busia kenya, Butula constituency, Ogalo town. We were a team of 18 ministers. Discipleship worship center church in cooperation with other pastors in that region hosted us. The new converts were 89.

B-On 9/5/2023 we had an open-air preaching and film ministry at Isinde trading centre, Buhemba subcounty Namayingo district. 45 souls to Christ.

C-On 11/5/2023 and 12/5/2023 we had a house to house evangelism and crusade at Dohwe primary school playground found in Buhemba subcounty Namayingo district. We organized this mission in cooperation with pioneer evangelism network. 112 souls to Christ

. D-On 13/5/2023 we had Harvest School of Ministry training session at Nabusera Discipleship church, mutumba subcounty Namayingo district. 25 pastors and leaders enrolled for this course.

E- On 18/5/2023 we had house to house evangelism at Luwere village, Buhemba subcounty Namayingo district. Here we harvested 18 souls to Christ. Suprisingly there was no true born again church in the area. This has forced us to start a fellowship in that community so as to disciple the new converts to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.

F-1 On 19/5/2023 and 20/5/2023 we had a joint crusade at Namayingo primary school playground in cooperation with Healing Springs international ministries and 92 souls turned to Christ.

G-2 On 25/5/2023 we had a follow-up ministry for the new converts at Luwerere and established the first fellowship.

H-On 29/5/2023 we had a one day open air preaching at Luwerere village, Buhemba subcounty Namayingo district. 11 souls to Christ.


We do make follow ups through the area Pastors that we handed new believers to. Thank you dearly for the support and prayers. Pr Titus”

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