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Africa – N Uganda June ministry and Kennedy prayer needs, July 13, 2022

We just received this report from N Uganda.

“Blessings team here is the report

from Northern Uganda for June *We had a mission with Liberation City Ministry at Olayoilong in Bar-dege division and it was attended by about 100 people and 7 people gave their lives to Christ and many deliverances for the glory of God. *We also had Join pastors fellowship in Pece, Laroo division which was attended by about 305 pastors as we build a Unity program with the churches here in Gulu.”

Pr. David Vito

We are also asking you to join with us in prayer for Kennedy,

our overall equipment coordinator for all the countries

in central Africa and coordinator for part of central Uganda.

They have a large church family

that has been formed out of the crusades

and door-to-door ministry they have been doing

in an area called Kaliro.

They are presently working on putting

on a roof so they can meet when it’s raining.

Yesterday, Kennedy was helping,

when a pole fell from the roof and hit him in the head.

He was bleeding out the

mouth, ears and head.

They had to rush him unconscious to the hospital

where his head remains swelled.

Miraculously, he just sent us a text asking

for continued prayer for a full recovery.

He actually sent us a photo of him on the hospital bed.

Amazing grace!

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