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Africa – Harvest Doves Primary School Opens 2023 First Term, Feb 24, 2023

We received this testimony from Pastor Charles who founded the Harvest Doves primary school in Kayunga, Uganda that the Harvest Kids have been helping build the last two years. This is the school a local farmer donated two cows to help our local kids raise money for the school. That is good beef made into hamburger and available for a suggested donation of $5 per pound. Call 360-421-8812 or 360-421-8811 if you would like to help the kids – help the kids.

“Praise God, hope you are OK. these are the pupils from nursery section receiving their breakfast. we thank God the school is establishing. we had a lot of things to do in a very short time in order for the school to operate. we had to buy stationery for the additional classroom and we had to buy desks because the numbers have increased. we had to relocate the toilet and we had to recruit more staff and remember and we had to pay for operating license. the one we received last year was expired. but we thank God all those things are covered. now our focus is on completing finishing these classrooms and to have a playground. after that we will qualify to have a permanent license and in three years after the ministry of education watches our progress we shall have a center. we have already achieved the EMIS number and our school is recognized by the government and the authorities have donated books to the school. I have a testimony about the place where we destroyed the magic tree and the number of believers is multiplying every day. now they have reached fifty in total and the Holy spirit is leading me to begin a church that side. we have already began fellowships every Saturday evening prayer and Monday evening bible study meeting so we are believing God to hire a place and build a temporary church structure with iron sheets and we do a crusade and conference for one week. I will invite soul winners from pr Martin’s church to come and do door to door evangelism in every corner of that village so keep us in prayers our budget is tuff but God will provide us with resources.

Pastor Charles”

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