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Africa – Burundi 2022, Feb 9, 2022

Rapport January 2022

We thank God that we still are alive.

We started the new year well

in our family and ministry

in general in Burundi.

We Praise the Lord

On 8th/01/2022

we had a Pastor’s meeting from different provinces like

  1. Cibitoke

  2. Makamba

  3. Rumonge

  4. Bubanza

  5. Bujumbura Rural


  1. Bujumbura Mairie.

We looked at the works we did in this past year.

We did well in general


We Praise the Lord.

We set up a plan for this year.

Please continue to pray for us and support us in this new year.

We continue to say thank to Harvest Vision

for the support and prayers that you pray for us.

Thank you so much. Be blessed

Pr Habonimana Evariste Bujumbura – Burundi

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