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Noe & Nancy Lara

Central America Liaisons

Harvest Vision Ministries

Noe Lara was born into a Christian family in El Salvador in 1964. Although he was only able to attend school for six months in his youth, he did make a decision to accept Jesus Christ as his personal Savior when he was 16-17 years old. During that time, he was on the streets in El Salvador and Sergio, a Christian man, took him into his family and business for two years, sharing the love of Jesus and teaching him the trade of making shoes. After two years, Noe became restless and drifted away. He served two years in the army in 1985-86 before coming to the USA in 1989. He began working in the fields and later worked on a fishing boat in Dutch Harbor, Alaska; built manufactured homes in eastern Washington; milked cows and worked as a roofer in Bellingham, Washington before starting work at the shipyards in Bellingham, where he worked for 14 years. In 2012, he became acquainted with Nancy who was born in Honduras and was studying in El Salvador. In 2013, he traveled and met Nancy and they were married. Nancy came to the USA with Noe where they were able to purchase their home in Burlington in 2014. Noe works as a contractor and Nancy as a caregiver and is also continuing her studies. Although Nancy was raised in the Catholic faith, she became a Christian after moving to the states and Noe and Nancy attended different church families in Skagit Valley.
Noe became acquainted with George when a mutual friend, Pastor Lee Johnson, that attended Calvary Baptist with Noe and Nancy in Burlington invited him to attend a weekly men’s breakfast in January 2019. Noe expressed an interest in Harvest Vision Ministries and shared their personal vision and burden to reach the people in El Salvador and Honduras with the gospel. George shared how Harvest Vision Ministries has been led to work in other nations by being led to the person that God has given an apostolic calling to reach that nation or a region in that nation. After much prayer and searching, Noe traveled to El Salvador in June 2019 and spent much of that time with Sergio, the man that God had used to mentor him as a teenager. After returning to Washington, the ministry began to meet and pray with other Skagit Valley residents that had family in El Salvador, Honduras and the southern states in Mexico. We were joined by Olivia, who is co-director of Harvest Vision Ministries in Mexico, in July 2019. In February 2000, a meeting was held with these brothers and sisters in Burlington, Washington.
Miguel & Olivia, who serve as the directors of Harvest Vision Ministries in Mexico, traveled to Michoacan in south Mexico to meet with the coordinator that began serving there in October 2017 before traveling to join George and Noe in El Salvador. George and Noe flew directly to El Salvador, where they joined with Pastor Sergio and met with families in different parts of the country and to confirm Sergio & Gloria Lopez as the Harvest Vision Ministries Coordinator for El Salvador. Noe and Nancy serve as the Harvest Vision Ministries Liaisons to Central America and will be working closely with Miguel and Olivia as we expand our relationships with families in Skagit Valley that have family in Central America as well as the southern states of Mexico. We are praying that the Holy Spirit will quickly lead us to those that He has called to over-see their respective states or nations so we can witness the expanding of His Kingdom.

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