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Jarett & Brianna Taylor

Harvest Vision Blue Creek

Our vision here at Harvest Vision Ministries Blue Creek is a very simple one.

To get this started I would like to introduce myself,
Jarett Taylor, my wife, Brianna Taylor,
and our five children, Shaylianah, Natalya, Ryan, Troy, and Paislee.

We are a beautifully blended family.

The lord brought us all together when we were at our lowest.
Through the Lords love and mercy we grew a bond and wanted to share the love for others that was gifted to us.
I started a food and gospel ministry in Southern California and Brianna was quick to join in, after all it was nice to give back and see that we were reaching people and touching their hearts.
It wasn’t soon after we met and worked together that we decided
we needed to expand our knowledge and outreach to another community.
God led our family to the beautiful state of Washington.

Our family left with what we could fit in both of our vehicles during the middle of Covid in July 2020, trusting that God would fulfill our promises on this new and exciting adventure.

Soon after Brianna and I were married and settled well in to our new life as a family but were missing our outreach to the community.
Our brother John, gave us a door to Harvest Vision Ministries where we were introduced and Ordained by Pr. George Henson.
We, greatly, look forward to spreading God’s word and being of service in any way that we can.

Currently, we are starting a coffee shop in Colville, Washington where we can spread God’s Good Word and inspiration with a friendly face and a, meaningful, cup of coffee.

We are so excited for this chapter in our lives and we look forward to doing our part in making a difference in this world.

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