USA – Santa Claus is coming to town, Nov 26, 2021

Yes, it is time for Christmas,
and we are blessed
to be in a community that celebrates Christmas.
The song that many
people sing is
“Santa Claus is
coming to town”
Sedro Woolley is having a Christmas parade on Saturday, December 4th at 5pm in downtown. Yes, Santa will make his appearance and the Christmas tree will be lighted.
But this parade will also include Jesus,
who created us all
and founded this town.

He doesn’t just come for a one-day drive by and the Light He brings will never go out. All life is about choices and as parents and as a community, we are influencing our children on where best to put their faith and hope. As best we can, we are going to tell the story of Jesus. His simple but glorious birth, His life, His death and His resurrection. There is nothing wrong with the spirit of giving and even of receiving that everyone enjoys at this time of the year. Let us remember that it is God who gave us life and only by the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ that we have assurance of an eternal life with Him.