USA – Last Harvest Kids at the Harvest Home, July 30, 2022

   What a blessing it was to drive up to the
Harvest Home for Harvest Kids
with Madilyn, Hailey, and Clara from Granite Falls.
Everyone else was running a little late so it gave me time to remind them that it was nine years ago this month that we returned from Africa after meeting the kids that would be living in Madilyn’s House when it was completed.
By the time we got back to the
Harvest Home in Sedro Woolley the children had already decided
they were going to start collecting aluminum cans
and help other orphans and vulnerable children in Africa.

What a blessing to look at the handprints of over

200 adults, youth, and children that have had the opportunity to participate

in making a difference in the lives of these children and families in Africa.

Clara wasn’t even born at the time


now they have brought her into this incredible unselfish way of living.

Because Mama Linda hasn’t had time to pick the blueberries in the garden,
they started picking while we started crushing cans.
The blueberries were taken to the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mt. Vernon
where the garage sale is to taking donations to continue the work in Africa.
All the money from the
produce, berries, vegetables and hazelnuts
goes to helping complete the primary school the kids are building in Africa.
After lunch
and celebrating the July birthdays,
we shared the reminder that this was
the last Harvest Kids at the Harvest Home
in Sedro Woolley
before transitioning to the
Garden of Eden.
Ruby took a turn at using the puppets to entertain the kids,
which gave them all the confidence to try them.
Lots of fun!
We counted $110 that had been donated this last week for the
Harvest Doves school
They only have $822 to go before they have completed the $5,800
needed for the new classrooms.
Praise God!
had them get their bibles
and they read and discussed
that Jesus gave to us in
Matthew 5:1-16.