USA – Harvest Kids, Oct 22, 2022

It has been a long time since we actually had
Harvest Kids
on a rainy day
but we did have a time of
no rain
to crush the cans that had been donated
We shared with the Harvest Kids
the miracle of provision
that has helped s fulfill the goal of
getting the roof finished on the 6th & 7th-grade classrooms
the kids have been working on the last two months.
We had just wired $1,700 to start the work
and Pr. Martin was able to find some donations
that had been sent for another project
and was led to use it for the completion of the roof.
Praise God, we now have $634 toward the $5,088 needed for the doors and windows.
We were blessed with some wonderful praise and worship songs,
including learning to sign “Our God is an Awesome God”.
We were also privileged to watch some videos about the orphaned and vulnerable children we are helping in central Africa.
Hailey and Clara brought the 5 little bunnies that are now living at their home and shared about how they took care of them and some of the others shared about their pets including how they take care of them.
Hailey and Clara also had to answer a few questions:
  • Do you know how many hairs (or feathers) your pet has?
  • Do you stay awake all night watching your pet?
  • When you are at school can you see your pet?

Afterward, we shared and talked about these verses from the bible:

But even more than that God wants you to be with Him forever!

It is so special to pray with these young disciples.


Always some games to play,

the piano to play a tune on

and a short trip

in the rain to

say Hi to our friends

that live in

the Garden of Eden

petting zoo.

And of course, we aren’t done until the last raspberry that was picked is gone!