“..because the fields are ripe!”

Jesus’ prayer to the Father for “oneness” in the Body has been further answered as the Holy Spirit has partnered us with the brethren locally and in other parts of the world. Harvest Vision Ministries exists to bring biblical unity to the body of Christ at home and abroad and to make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Harvest Vision Ministries is a three-fold reconciliatory ministry currently serving needs in the USA, Mexico, Central America and central Africa. The ministry is to help coordinate and be good stewards of the workers and the gifts and resources that God has given each one to build His Kingdom and prepare the Church for the return of Jesus Christ. The ministry will expand to cover other areas in the United States and other countries as the Lord directs.

Our ministry offers many opportunities for people to support the Lord’s work in parts of the USA, Africa, Mexico and Central America. Our primary ministry recognizes and equips the local church workers to do the evangelism and discipleship that are needed in their location.
The ministry is supported by brothers and sisters in Christ from different areas and churches that share their time, talents and resources. Most importantly, we are thankful for the prayers of those throughout the world that support the ministry.

Many local people participate in small teams that minister in San Luis, Mexico with Harvest Vision Mexico. Teams are involved in evangelism, teaching, construction projects, supporting pastors and existing churches, outreach to prisons, city-wide crusades, food kitchens and meeting the needs of the poor. The close proximity to the US border allows many to participate that would be unable to if the location were further from the border, especially for those with special needs or that might require medical attention in the US, keeps the cost of the trip more affordable and reduces the travel time. Ministry housing provides a safe and comfortable environment and allows the teams to prepare their own meals, further reducing the cost for the trip.

In Africa, we work through Harvest Vision Africa that helps coordinate native missionaries from different denominations to outreach to communities in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

Although many of us attend different churches locally, we build and maintain our relationships by participating with local churches and ministries outside of our own local church families and joining together for ministry fundraisers to support our co-laborers in harvest fields throughout the world. The Harvest Kids ministry gives up opportunities to build multi-generational relationships by getting young people involved in community projects. Presentations are available for churches, organizations or families that would like to be involved in the ministry.
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We are fulfilling the vision: