Celebrating Our Love of Jesus

Thank you to Cheryl and her daughter, Tia, that met with the Harvest Kids in February 2019 to put substance to this vision. Cheryl was involved with a team of Messianic worshipers that went on a mission trip to Mexico in 2001 to share their expressions of the love of Jesus through their music and dance using flags, tambourines and banners. The kids had the opportunity to hear Cheryl’s testimony about her trip to Israel and Mexico and how Tia was brought into her family’s life. Tia put her handprint on the wall and added her name to the Harvest Kids birthday board and bonded to the girls in a special way. We have 30 tambourines of different sizes and these girls were thrilled to see their love for Jesus, music and dancing coming together. She has been a real encouragement and we are praying that someone will come and take the baton to help shepherd these young people into this expression of worship to the Lord.  The ministry will hopefully involve children, youth and adults, male and female and we are hoping that God will use it to bring unity to the Body of Christ

Tambourine Ministry with Harvest Vision Ministry. A fellowship with music and dance to share God’s Love. Harvest Kids help vulnerable children in USA, Mexico, Canada and Africa.

The first meeting of the Messianic Tambourine Dance Ministry

The Gift of Dance

Olivia, the director of Harvest Vision Ministries in Mexico, has the same vision and is working with teams of children and youth that are led to worship the Lord this way in San Luis. They will someday be working together.

Olivia showing the front of the Messianic Dance T-shirt

Olivia showing the back of the Messianic Dance T-shirt

USA Messianic Dance T-shirt

We expect the people involved will be able to share at events such as the local parades, outreaches or just going to dance for Jesus at a local park. We are making no attempt to limit how, who is involved, when or where the Holy Spirit is leading because we are confident of why and that is to bring God glory.

“Every stroke the Lord lays on them with His punishing rod will be to the music of tambourines and harps, as He fights them in battle with the blows of His Arm.”

Isaiah 30:32