Reap What You Sew

We are currently working to realize a vision that we believe will serve a real need in Mexico as well as provide meaningful opportunity for involvement for those around the world with a common interest and God-given gift of sewing. The vision is to establish the ministry as a viable and meaningful opportunity to train and disciple new believers in Skagit County and San Luis, Mexico. The vision is a ministry called ‘Reap What You Sew.’ The idea is simple: to provide a place, material and training for those who sew. At the same time, this ministry will open doors for those who are skilled sewers to use their gifts and talents to teach those younger, a practical skill as well as affording them the opportunity to mentor and disciple them in the Lord. The ministry uses sewing as a foundation to serve the discipleship and outreach needs of churches in San Luis.
This will include sewing machines and accessories; cloth, thread, etc…
A sewing room was built in March 2010 and seven sewing machines, tables, cloth and other sewing notions, donated from Skagit County, started the ministry. We are also blessed with extra machines that will be given away on an as-needed basis. We added onto the sewing room a children’s play room and an outside playground that allows the mothers to better supervise their children when they are involved in the sewing room.
This ministry uses sewing as a foundation for fellowship, discipleship and outreach. Through this hands-on ministry connections will be formed with the women in Mexico and people in other parts of the world. Some of the items that the ladies in Mexico are learning to sew have come back to the Skagit Valley and are on display at the Harvest Center as a way for them to help with the ministry in Central Africa.
‘Reap What You Sew’ seeks to provide:
  • A sewing center
  • Sewing machines
  • Cloth & notions
  • Sewing lessons and workshops
  • Training in sewing machine repair and maintenance
  • Sponsorship, friendship and prayer from the body of Christ around the world