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USA – Salt & Light fellowship, March 5, 2021

We are excited that the work setting up the small fellowship center at the Garden of Eden family ministry in west Mt. Vernon at 14799 Avon Allen Rd. is almost all completed.

We are having fellowship on Sundays from 1-3 pm, break bread as a family from 3-4 pm, and then a second service from 4-6 pm. The first service is contemporary worship and the second is gospel hymns.

We are getting the outside area prepared for spring, including the sports and games, that can be done outside as the weather permits.

We are also collecting and distributing items that can be used to help the friends in our community that live on the streets.

At the present time, we have only a one-room facility.

  1. We are requesting that everyone that has small children help us as we come together.

  2. No running or throwing things.

  3. Please help us make sure small children are not on the music platform or the sound booth.

  4. We have food available for the potluck and when it is time to eat, we request that the parents help the kids get their plate and have a place to sit.

  5. Immediately after the potluck, we clean up and begin the second service.

We are making every effort to meet everyone’s needs in the time we are together which requires everyone working together.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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