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USA – Praying for the saints – November 24, 2020

We have been so blessed during our journey of faith to have partnership with many special people who have encouraged us and been a blessing to Harvest Vision Ministries. We would ask that you join with us in prayer for our sister, Cecilia Tsosie, who lives on the Navajo Reservation in New Mexico. Over the years we have visited with her in Mexico, on the Navajo Reservation and she has been in fellowship with us in the Skagit Valley. She was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and on the day of surgery it was postponed because she was positive for Covid. Even though she was hospitalized 3 days, she has now recovered and the surgery is being rescheduled. Also, for those that have been involved in the ministry in San Luis, Mexico you would remember Chindo and Rosario and their family that lived next to the mission home. We were blessed to be able to donate them property so they could build their own home. Sister Rosario, donated thousands of tortillas and her family helped with different aspects of the ministry when we were just starting the ministry. She went to be with the Lord and we would ask that you join in prayer for God’s peace in the family as they begin this new season of their lives.

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