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USA – Many parts, but one body, September 19, 2021

  1. A young girl that shares her new-found friends, even though they are a kitten and two piglets that God provided, with her friend.

  1. Sharing the joy that many young people (and adults) have found by supporting Harvest Kids and donating aluminum cans to help vulnerable children in other countries.

  1. Helping load a sand blaster that brother Reggie purchased to help Harvest Vision Ministries continue their work to prepare and equip the saints for works of service.

  1. The God that prompted His Body to donate chickens to the petting zoo and to Veronica and Laly at their new home.

  1. Our brothers that came and helped put up wire for the raspberry vines.

  1. A small group of gifted worshipers that gather at the Harvest Home to praise the Lord.

When all the work that true disciples are accomplishing through their unselfish sacrifice to reach the lost, broken-hearted and crushed in spirit are added together – in even our little Skagit Valley – it quickly overwhelms anything that Satan and his followers do.

“Open your eyes and look to the fields and come in. There are truly more for us than against us.”

It would be impossible for anyone to write down all the acts of random kindness that are being done in the name of Jesus Christ in Skagit Valley, especially the county, the state, the nation or the entire world.

The last verse of the gospel pretty much nails it:

Jesus said when He comes again, it will be like the days of Noah.

The Lord saved those that were in the ark.

Acts of Random Kindness.

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