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USA – Harvest Kids with Child’s Evangelism Fellowship – February 8, 2020

Thanks to everyone that came and supported these young people with Harvest Kids and a special thanks to the kids that came from the Kid’s Club that meets at Carolyn’s home on Peavey Road. It was a bit rainy but the kids got lot’s of the cans crushed that had been donated. They will be taken to the recycle place this week and that money used to support vulnerable children in the Comfort Africa program in Uganda and to pay the teachers for the Wambuti pygmy tribe in the DRCongo. The kids then played a game of Simon Says to emphasize what Jesus had taught about who is the greatest in the kingdom being the child that simply listened and obeyed and was not distracted. Afterwards, the kids counted their change and, along with the money that had been made selling the hazelnuts, they had $88, enough to purchase 8 more mosquito nets for the orphans that live at the Nalidi Grace Primary school in east Uganda. The kids colored while others, including the adults, wrote down their birthdays for the birthday board and picked their color to add their handprint to the wall.

Thanks to the women who provided and served lunch for the kids while Lynn from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship set up for her time with the kids. We are so thankful for her dedication to reaching children throughout our community with the gospel. Her lessons are inter-active to keep the young people interested and she is continuing to share the story of Esther from the bible. The scripture the young people were asked to memorize was “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” (Philippians 4:6). We are thankful that Amber, Nancy and Bobbie were able to spend some time learning how to use the Silhouette machine which we will be using to make decals and other items to support the various ministries that we are involved with. Thanks to Armando and Jason for taking a generator out to Carolyn’s Kid’s Club because they had no power, to Cathy for finishing up the evening building us a new display for the birthday board and to Dale for shelling some more hazelnuts that will be available at the Harvest Home for people that want to purchase them to support the Harvest Kids.

The next Harvest Kids meeting is scheduled on the 4th Saturday, February 22nd, from 10am-1pm at the Harvest Home, 9467 Pierce Lane, Sedro Woolley. For information: call 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812.

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