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USA – Harvest Kids – November 14, 2020

Many thanks to brother Gary who dropped off Noah and Sara for Harvest Kids just in time to help bagging the cans that have been crushed. Thanks to the many who drop off aluminum cans throughout the week.

The money received from the cans pays the teachers for a primary school for the Wambuti pygmy tribe in the DRCongo and help orphans in Uganda.

A real blessing today as our sister, Dana, brought two of her children, Graeson (9) and Ester (3 ½), to join us for the first time at Harvest Kids. To help Dana and the kids better understand how Harvest Kids started 8 years ago we showed the video of the Madilyn House project.

Madilyn (4) and Hailey (2), with the support of their mother, found out about some orphan girls sleeping on the floor of their school in Africa and made a decision to build them their own home. And that’s how it started.

About this time, Wayne, who is a fisheries biologist and is the liaison for the Africa ministry “Joyfully” made his entrance. The kids are working on donating their change to build their fifth primary school in Africa and the kids were able to put their change into a large 90mm military shell casing they are trying to fill on their way to raising the $1,000 needed to build the toilet for the school.

We shared a wonderful lunch that Grandma Linda had prepared, Noah and Sara helped Dana, Graeson and Ester put their handprints on the wall and put their birthdays on the worldwide birthday board.

We shared about how Jesus made a way for us to be able to help people just the way He did when He was living on the earth, why we celebrate Thanksgiving and talked about the many different ways in which God is using these young people to bring the hope of Jesus to others.

Wayne was able to share about Fellowship Ministries that he started a few years ago to take kids (and others) fishing, crabbing and enjoy the outdoors. He also shared about his work to help preserve salmon habitat and some of the ways in which the Harvest Kids have been able to help. It is wonderful to create a safe environment for these young people to share their feelings and ideas and find their own way to participate and share their gifts.

The Harvest Kids meet the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month. You can find out more information of the website, or call 360-421-8811 or 360-421-8812.

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