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USA – Harvest Kids, March 15, 2021

What a beautiful day that God blessed us with for our Harvest Kids fellowship.

The kids got to meet Dove, a rabbit that is now one of their Harvest Pets. Dove just arrived at the Harvest Home the evening before so she was still adjusting but the kids loved meeting her.

The kids crushed all the cans that had been donated and were able to add a small amount of change to help with their goal to help build another primary school in central Africa. They are finding out it isn’t as easy since people are getting less change because everyone is making their purchases with credit cards.

If anyone can help, the kids would really appreciate it.

Our newest Harvest Kid, Joseph, 3 years old got to put his handprint on the wall…

…and then we enjoyed a snack, while Lynn from Child’s Evangelism Fellowship got set up to share with us.

Our “word up” for the morning was “Obeying God’s Word

will keep you from sin”

and the scripture

that we learned was:

She also shared the true story of Saint Patrick and how he became an evangelist and shared the love of Jesus with so many people. Lynn’s teaching is very interactive and includes songs, memory verses, games and prayer and is really effective in helping them understand and appreciate how much God loves them and why He wants them to live according to God’s Word.

Afterwards we traveled to the greenhouse at Wayne and Rebecca Watne’s home on the Samish River and picked up their aluminum cans, fed the chickens and helped get the greenhouse ready to start growing plants that will later be transplanted to the Garden of Eden farming project in Mt. Vernon and to other locations.

After leaving, we stopped and checked out the Garden of Eden before taking the kids back to Granite Falls.

What a blessing to witness these young people becoming true disciples as they learn that it is better to give than receive. They see and know their willingness to sacrifice their time, effort and resources is helping less fortunate, vulnerable children, including orphans that live 10,000 miles away on the other side of the planet.

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