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USA – Harvest Kids, June 26, 2021

It was a scorching day, but the kids that got here early helped us set up for the ongoing garage sale that will help the Harvest Kids reach their goal of $9,000 to finish the primary school for vulnerable children in Africa. We recycled 300# of aluminum cans and got another $75 and the kids added some change to the bullet they are trying to fill to help with the school.

Obviously, we had to set up a pen so the kids could play with the 5 baby rabbits. We now know there are 3 girls and 2 boys, so the kids voted on their earlier choices. We now have Bandit & Cloud (boys) and Sprinkle, Daisy and Tiny (girls). At the end of the morning, two of the girl rabbits went to their new home in Bayview.

Our lesson had the girls make a list of all the different things that they “love”, such as hobbies, pets, family, clothes, etc. Afterwards, they were challenged to compare these to a list of (1) Perfect love; (2) Would be hard to live without; (3) Not that important. We were surprised that they so quickly convinced themselves most were not that important.

Afterwards, we read the scripture of God’s perfect love described in John 3:16 and 1 John 3:16-18.

At the end of our fellowship, they were presented with a crudely wrapped box with an envelope on top. It said:

To Jesus, from Dad and inside was a hammer and 3 nails.

We were blessed that none of them even questioned anything

but knew the lesson was reminding us

of the great love that the

Father has for everyone

because His Son, Jesus,

died once and for all for our sin.

Then they all got their own letter with a picture of a hammer and 3 nails:


I need you to build a bridge.

Here are all the tools you will need.

See you soon. Love, Dad

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