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USA – Harvest Kids, February 22, 2020

Thanks to everyone that helped with our regular Harvest Kids fellowship the end of February. After crushing cans, the kids counted their change and had enough money to buy the last 6 mosquito nets for the orphan girls at the Nalidi Grace Orphan school in eastern Uganda. A real miracle for these children and Pr. Patrick and the staff at the school to know that God sees what they are doing and how important each child is. The kids will now start collecting money for the boys that live at the school. The kids ended up with a special treat for the February birthdays after lunch. Many thanks to Dale’s brother, Jason, who shared a message to the children about David and Solomon and the importance of listening to God and doing what He says and not to listen to others that would lead you astray. Jason used a video about Buzzby, the misbehaving bee, to help illustrate the lesson. What a privilege and responsibility to be entrusted with teaching God’s children.

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