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USA – Harvest Kids and the Jericho walls, April 24, 2021

Many thanks for everyone that brought the kids and helped with Harvest Kids today.

Of course, the first order of business is to go and pet Hope and Dove, the Harvest Rabbits before anything else.

The kids were able to crush some of the cans that friends have donated for recycle and then put their change into the collection for helping vulnerable children in central Africa.

This is the 8th year since Harvest Kids started and Kylee painted a tree on the garage wall. It was expanded to a palm tree for Africa and a cactus for Mexico. 8 years ago we talked about someday having to expand onto the ceiling. In the bible, 7 is the number for completion and 8 is for new beginnings. Sweet! Today we are on the ceiling.

We were blessed to celebrate April birthdays, which we had two today. It is a blessing to share that we always sing Happy Birthday to everyone because many of our friends in Africa don’t really know their ‘birthday’ because they don’t know what day they were born. We just don’t ever want to leave anyone out. Lunch, Linda’s peach cobbler to celebrate birthdays and everyone received a 100 Uganda Schilling coin, about the size of a quarter and worth 3.5 cents.

Jen shared the story of Joshua and his army that were told to march around the walls of Jericho for 7 days blowing the trumpet and then on the 7th day, march again, blow the trumpet and shout and the walls would fall and they would win the victory. She shared about how difficult it was for them to keep their faith especially after the soldiers of Jericho probably starting making fun of them. After the message we had some drawings of the Jericho walls to color then adjourned outside for a game. Jen asked the kids how they could get a ping pong ball out of a red can without touching the bucket or the ball. She then poured 7 cups of water in and that was enough to float the ball out. That was when their contest began as they had to step over an obstacle, circle Jericho and go under the table to add their water to the red bucket until one of the teams saw their ball lifted out. Lot’s of fun.

That left a little time to play the M&M game. Each person in turn picks a M&M without looking and shares an event when they showed that particular emotion based on that color. Afterward the kids hooked up 6v batteries to Play Dough and plugged in LED lights of different color. A wonderful time of sharing the love of Jesus and encouraging one another. Later in the day, Armando brought Roman who was unable to come to the regular Harvest Kids and we got to spend a little time with Hope and Dove the Harvest Rabbits.

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