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USA – Harvest Kids and Garden of Eden, July 10, 2021

We can’t, nor do we want to, escape the fascination these Harvest Kids have for the Harvest Rabbits and all God’s creation. Many thanks to everyone that has donated items and time and have visited the ongoing garage and produce sale to help raise money for the Harvest Kids so they can build another primary school for vulnerable children in Africa. This morning the kids helped finish up setting up for the garage sale, then set up a refreshment table with iced water and cookies for people that stop by. They have always enjoyed doing that ministry at the I-5 rest areas in the past, so they created their own.

The day was spent crushing cans and counting the change they have donated. They then added the money that has been made so far on the garage and produce sale and have $2,641 which is close for their goal to raise the money needed for the roof ($3,900). The project so far has included: $2,760 for property for the new school; $3,050 to refurbish the old church building to be used as a temporary school so they could start this June with 80 children, 35 of them from Muslim families. The government allowed this on condition the new facility is completed by the end of the year; $800 for textbooks for the teachers and students and $4,110 needed for the building. After the money for the roof is raised and sent to Africa, they will continue to raise the $1,780 for doors and windows and the $3,800 for plaster and paint. The kids would appreciate any donations to help them finish this school.

After lunch, we enjoyed playing the M&M game which gives everyone, including adults, an opportunity to share something about themselves so everyone can better get to know each other. Afterwards, we painted posters that will be hung at the Garden of Eden family ministry location in west Mt. Vernon. Some of the kids journeyed out to the Garden of Eden to meet with some other families and children to play and worship the Lord after the regular Harvest Kids fellowship. It is a blessing to share the love of Jesus and help them to become true disciples by teaching them to be “givers” instead of “takers”, becoming “selfless” instead of “selfish”. They truly have the joy of the Lord in their lives.

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