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USA – Granite Falls Harvest Kids – April 21, 2020

We are so thankful for Blake & Kylee Walker who along with a myriad of other responsibilities like maintaining a marriage, being parents and home schooling three children and running two businesses, also serve the Lord as the liaisons to Harvest Vision Ministries in Snohomish County. This includes sharing with other parents and guardians the vision of the Harvest Kids which was started with Madilyn and Hailey’s desire to help young orphan girls in central Africa have a bed to sleep in instead of sleeping on the floor of the school. That desire became a reality to Blake and Kylee and quickly involved other families and continues to bring these young people together to learn how to be true disciples, helping their own community and meeting the basic needs of children in Africa for over 7 years. The kids have raised and donated over $37,000 to purchase mosquito nets, beds, medicine, school supplies, provide clean water and land to farm and built toilets and schools.

Thanks to everyone that helped expand this vision and get this little project completed. Now we need the pea gravel and the garden planted.

The world sees it as a playground.

To those of us that have a kingdom perspective – it’s not a playground – it is a battleground.

We hope and pray that everyone that visits will find a relationship with our Father in heaven.

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